Download or Contribute to OpenSync

Before downloading the OpenSync source code, it is suggested that visitors look through the documentation provided on this website. While the source code is open for all to download, be aware that it is licensed under the BSD 3-clause open source license, and your use must conform to the requirements of that license.



Contributions to OpenSync are encouraged. These can include feature enhancements, bug fixes, or customizations/patches for particular chipsets or platforms. You can begin the contribution process by generating a pull request in the OpenSync Github repo. Once generated you will be contacted to continue the process.

It is often beneficial to release code under a different license agreement. Because of that, contributors will be asked to agree to the following contributors license agreement:

If your contribution is incorporated into OpenSync, It may be licensed under any license, including copyleft, permissive, commercial, or proprietary licenses. As a condition on the exercise of this right, the contribution will also be licensed under the terms of the license or licenses which are being used for OpenSync on the submission date.