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OpenSync, originally a proprietary device middle layer, has been made open-source since 2018, to promote innovation, eliminate vendor lock-in, and speed up time-to-market. The framework efficiently deploys and manages consumer services on a massively scalable and diverse hardware ecosystem. OpenSync decouples the service layer from the hardware layer by abstracting hardware interfaces and networking functions into a real-time programmable interface with infinite degrees of flexibility. Services can be developed, deployed, and upgraded from the cloud, interfacing with the OpenSync enabled hardware though standardized management APIs.

OpenSync is the only way.
OpenSync is the only way.

The Journey of OpenSync - From its Origins to Present Day Success:

OpenSync, previously known as PML, was developed at Plume Design Inc. and deployed on Plume pods in 2016.

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OpenSync was renamed and open-sourced under the BSD 3 Clause license as v1.2 and deployed into major CSPs worldwide managing 10 million homes.

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OpenSync was selected as the core WiFi Management Solution for OpenWiFi 1.0 and 20 million locations were managed with the support of additional SOC and ODM partners.

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OpenSync's OIC (OpenSync Integration Center) enabled Plume's integration certification, added new features, expanded the ecosystem to 20 ODM partners, and managed 30M locations and 1B client devices, including the first deployment of generic OpenSync-integrated devices.

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OpenSync added application prioritization, QoE, IPSec tunneling, and 5G FWA features, certified and deployed over 35 CPE devices, managed 43M+ locations, and 2B+ client devices.

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OpenSync aims to further enhance its technology with innovative features and expand its ecosystem to provide seamless, secure, and high-quality WiFi experiences to millions of homes and businesses worldwide

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“Our integration of OpenSync vastly improves the broadband experience while helping operators achieve faster time-to-market and time-to-review, improved analytics and performance capabilities. It fosters the creation of new and expanded high-value service.”

-Robert Conger, CTO, Adtran


“OpenSync enables rapid innovation in smart home devices for us and our service provider partners. With it, we can extract more value from CPE hardware and empower service providers to deliver more personalized services faster, and without the burden of proprietary firmware integration and upgrades. OpenSync, along with differentiated CPE offerings from Vantiva, helps broadband operators avoid being relegated as commodity players that compete only on speed and bandwidth.”

-Ashwani Saigal, VP Product Management and Strategy, Vantiva

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