OpenSync™ is a carrier-grade open-source software which covers layers from just above the drivers within a device, to the connection to the cloud within that device. It is responsible for translating Cloud management commands to the hardware driver calls and reports to the Cloud state and telemetry in a mesh multi-AP Wi-Fi network.



Work on the OpenSync software began in 2015 at Plume Design Inc. At that time it was called “PML.” PML was first deployed in devices sold by Plume in the fall of 2016. In March of 2018, Plume provided PML to RDK Management as open source under the BSD 3 Clause license. In October 2018, Plume changed the name of the software to OpenSync, and fully open sourced the software, removing the requirements for membership in any organization to use or contribute. The software has evolved significantly over the years. The initial release to RDK was labelled PML v1.0. The version initially released as Opensync was labelled Opensync v1.2.